Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What exactly is the Pandora Battery & what does it do?
A. In a nutshell, what the pandora battery does is allow a bricked or working official-firmware PSP to have access to view and run the programs installed on the magic memory stick. When you use a pandora battery, you immediately see a list of options that are running off the magic memory stick. Therefore, both the pandora battery and the magic memory stick are essential in unbricking or installing custom firmware on a PSP.

Q. What are the benefits of having PSP running custom firmware?
A. You can unlock the full potential of the PSP which is truly a powerful piece of hardware. You should not have to be able to run only official games and software. With this homebrew software edition, now you can enjoy the benefits.

* Official Sony firmware - limits you to playing only PSP discs.
* Custom firmware lets you play ISO/CSO files (images you can make from those discs). By doing this your PSP runs faster and smoother.
* Custom firmware allows you to move PSP video files directly to your PSP. Official firmware forces you to purchase additional software to do it.
* Custom Firmware allows you to use "emulators" to run Nintendo games, N64, SuperNintendo, Gameboy Color/Advanced, Atari, Playstation 1, Sega Genesis, arcade games and much more!

PSP with custom firmware (CFW) also allows you to run homebrew games.

Q. What is homebrew?
A. If you were to write a piece of software for the PSP on your own, it would be called "homebrew." It is unsigned code that that is written outside of the commercial world. There are a variety of homebrew programs available for the PSP on the Internet.

Q. Does your Pandora Battery and Magic Stick work on my PSP with my firmware?
A. IMPORTANT UPDATE- Until just recently, our Pandora kits worked on every single PSP ever made. But now there are brand new PSPs with new motherboards and boot codes, and there is not yet a Pandora kit available that works with these models. Please do your research to confirm that you do not have one of the models that is incompatible with our product- we cannot issue refunds for customers who buy our products for a PSP that is not compatible. Our Pandora Battery and Magic Stick set works on any PSP except the brand new models PSP3000 or higher with motherboard version TA-088v3 or higher. PSP1000(fat) and PSP2000(slim) models work perfectly with our Pandora kits, regardless of the official firmware version. Basically, if your PSP came to market before September 2008, it should not be one of the new models which are yet to be hacked. If you have recently purchased a PSP and want to find out if it has the new motherboard for which there is currently no compatible Pandora kit, you may search the internet for a program called "TA-088v3 Identifier".

Q. So your Pandora Battery will fit on a fat PSP and a slim PSP?
A. Yes our slim Pandora Battery fits on both versions of the PSP.

Q. Does custom firmware allow me to run game emulators and Playstation 1 (PSX) games?
A. Yes, custom firmware allows you to run any of the major game emulators and the PSX backup games that are known to work on the PSP.

Q. Do you include instructions on how to use the Pandora Battery and Magic Stick?
A. Yes, we have a detailed instruction guide with photos right here that shows you step-by-step how to use our products.

Q. My friend also has a bricked PSP. Can the battery be used over again?
A. Yes the Pandora battery can be used as many times as you like again and again.

Q. Would this harm my PSP in any way?
A. Absolutely not! The Pandora battery repairs your PSP from a brick and does not brick it.

Q. Do you provide technical support?
A. We do not directly provide it but we can refer you to places that will help.

Q. Do you ship to countries other than the U.S.?
A. Yes, we ship worldwide.

Q. How long does it take to ship to my country?
A. The orders usually take 1-3 business days to process and ship and then 1-3 weeks to arrive. The products originate from a factory in China, as do ALL Pandora battery products you will find on the internet. Websites such as ours have set up partnerships with this factory. Here is a chart of countries/times to arrive once shipped (note, these are BUSINESS days):

Area Time
United States, Canada 6-14 business days
Australia, New Zealand, Singapore 5-11 business days
United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany,Netherlands, Japan, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Sweden,Switzerland 7-15 business days
Italy, Brazil 10-25 business days
Other countries 7-15 business days




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